Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is known for its modern infrastructure, vibrant culture, and impressive technology. However, this wasn’t always the case. Before Tokyo became the thriving metropolis it is today, it had a different name.

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What Was Tokyo Earlier Called?

Before Tokyo was known as Tokyo, it was called Edo. Edo was the name of the city from 1603 until 1868 when it became the imperial capital of Japan and was renamed Tokyo. The city was a small fishing village until Tokugawa Ieyasu, a powerful daimyo, chose it as the location of his castle in 1590.

How Did Edo Become Tokyo?

In 1868, the Meiji Restoration occurred, and the imperial court was relocated to Edo, which was then renamed Tokyo. The name Tokyo translates to “Eastern Capital,” reflecting its location on the eastern coast of Japan. The new name marked the city’s transformation from a feudal capital to a modern, imperial city.

What is Tokyo Known for Today?

Today, Tokyo is known for its unique blend of modern and traditional culture. The city is home to impressive skyscrapers, advanced technology, and vibrant nightlife. At the same time, it has preserved its rich history and tradition through its temples, shrines, and cultural landmarks.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, before Tokyo became Tokyo, it was known as Edo. Edo was a small fishing village that grew into a powerful feudal capital before being renamed Tokyo in 1868.

Today, Tokyo is a bustling metropolis known for its unique blend of modern and traditional culture. If you’re planning a trip to Japan, be sure to visit Tokyo to experience everything this incredible city has to offer.

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